2018-08-06/09 SlovakiaRing + PannoniaRing Trip

Slovakia Ring: August 6th – 7th
Pannonia Ring: August 8th – 9th

On the first day Mantas R6 refuses to start initially. Error#41. We were forced to tear down half of the motorcycle to check if tip-over sensor is faulty. We blamed FT-ECU flash that was performed last night. In the end, after one and a half hours we found a broken wire. It was left-over from the first crash of the season.
7th of August was mega. +33°C did not let us down and we shaved some seconds. We ignored plushy and greasy front and hit those corners with confidence.

Mantas: 2:27.4 → 2:23.8
Robertas: 2:34.4 → 2:28.4

Pannonia was even hotter but windy. +36°C heat. Once again R6 thrown a check light. Error #46 – burned rectifier. Thankfully our neighbours had a battery charger. They have saved trackday for Mantas. Kawasaki was faultless.
First day was a day to adapt to enormous heat. We’ve managed to go as fast as previous year but personal bests remained unbeaten.
9th of August was a different story. We had a good feeling with a bike, adapted to that bumpy track. Forgot to mention that after SlovakiaRing Pannonia felt… like NemunRing. Even more bumps than last year. The exit to final straight was very complicated due to a massive crack in tarmac. Somebody ignored a kindly reminder to fix oil and filter bolts with wire and spilled lots of it on the track.
We’ve successfully ignored it and kept gas wide open. It was totally worth it.

Mantas: 2:16.8 → 2:12.9
Robertas: 2:25.5 → 2:18.3

We will be back in September! Best is yet to come.